Thuenen Institute projects (employment):

Project started (EU-Funded, led by IFOAM Organics Europe): OrganicTargets4EU: Transformation scenarios for boosting organic farming and organic aquaculture towards the Farm-to-Fork targets. September 2022 – February 2026.

Project started (with J Sanders): Remuneration of the environmental benefits of organic farming, completion expected May 2023

Report completed (with J Sanders): Policy support for organic farming in the EU 2010-2020, published September 2022.

Report submitted to BMEL (with J Sanders and B Liebl): Bilanz und Impulse zur Weiterentwicklung der Zukunftsstrategie oekologischer Landbau. [Stocktake and Initiatives for the Further Development of the Organic Farming Looking Forward Strategy.] (2020)

Consultancy projects:

IFOAM Environmental Impacts Study


IFOAM Biodiversity Study

UK Organic Trade Statistics

Funded by: Defra
Co-ordinated by: Organic Research Centre
Project partners: AHDB, Soil Association, Organic Farmers & Growers, Organic Food Federation, Organic Trade Board
Role: Review of options
Duration: February-July 2020
Outputs: Unpublished report on options

Preparing the Evidence Base for Post-Brexit Agriculture – Case Studies on Alternative Payments

Funded by: Scottish Natural Heritage
Co-ordinated by: Organic Policy, Business and Research Consultancy
Project partners: SAC Commercial Ltd., IEEP London, Organic Research Centre
Role: Project management, case study and report writing
Duration: May 2019-June 2020
Outputs: Published report: Preparing the Evidence Base for Post-Brexit agriculture in Scotland – Case studies on alternative payments, with five case study summaries

A Guide for Developing Eco-schemes as part of EU Member State CAP Strategic Plans

Funded by: Ekhagastiftelsen
Co-ordinated by: IFOAM EU Group
Project partners: IEEP and FIBL
OPBRC sub-contracted by: FIBL
Role: Project management and Guide writing
Duration: April-September 2019
Meredith S, Hart K (2019) CAP 2021-27: Using the eco-scheme to maximise environmental and climate benefits. IEEP, Brussels.
Lampkin N, Stolze M, Meredith S, de Porras M, Haller L, Mészáros D (2020) Using Eco-schemes in the new CAP: a guide for managing authorities. IFOAM EU, FIBL and IEEP, Brussels.

Reaching Net Zero in Scotland: Emissions Reduction from Agriculture

Funded by: WWF Scotland
Co-ordinated by: Organic Policy, Business and Research Consultancy
Project partner: Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester
Role: Project management, data analysis and report writing
Duration: May-September 2019
Outputs: Lampkin N, Smith L, Padel K (2019) Delivering on Net Zero: Scottish Agriculture. WWF Scotland, Edinburgh.

Financing the Transition to Sustainable Agriculture in Selected EU Member States

Co-ordinated by: IFOAM EU Group
Project partners: OPBRC, FIBL and Darko Znaor
Role: Project management and reporting
Duration: June-September 2019
Outputs: Unpublished report for client